Our Mission

“To be the bright spot in our customers day while pursuing excellence in healthcare and service.”

Our Leadership

Dynamix Physical Therapy is a privately owned and operated company formed in 2008 by Russ Huffstetler PT, DPT, CIMT and Heath Ladd PT, OCS, CIMT.  It was a desire to provide an exceptional therapy experience in a service oriented environment that led Dynamix to its first location in Milan, TN.  A passion to bring physical therapy to a new level and break away from a generic physical therapy model has set Dynamix apart.


Our Approach to Patient Care & Treatment

Since inception we have provided comprehensive care by evaluating and providing a treatment approach that identifies the root of dysfunction and incorporates a hands on approach to restoring full function. Dynamix began with a goal to “Go Beyond” in providing the ultimate therapy experience and this motto continues today.

Going Beyond Expectations

With a winning combination of exceptional care, incredible people, and a commitment to being the bright spot in the day of every single patient, Dynamix Physical Therapy has continued to grow. Now, with multiple locations in TN,  Dynamix continues to provide patient care based on its founding principles.  Research-based treatment and functional outcomes drive the staff of Dynamix to go beyond the expectations of our patients.